Exclusive managing partner of Mitt Bryllup events and social media in Norway. Who's goal is to promote, inspire and encourage the growth, of a successful wedding industry in Norway.

Our success continues in 2018 and we look forward to both, new and continued partnerships with our faithful exhibitors. This concept has come to stay and we know that both guests and exhibitors are looking forward  to the fairs a long time in advance.  Our goal is to bring Mitt Bryllup events to new heights at every performance, and we look forward to advancing the production and service for both  vendors and guest in 2018.

2018 Wedding Fairs in Norway

Past 2016-17 Wedding Fairs in Norway

16. October : Gamle Logen in Oslo

15. febuary 2017: Horisont i Bergen

3. march mars 2017 : Radisson Blu in Bodø

3. september 2017: Kanonhallen i Oslo

15 Okt 2017: Clarion Energy i Stavanger

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